The Difference Between Photography And Photography

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By looking the work of Alexa Meade, John Collier, David Hockney, William Eggleston, Sam Taylor Wood and Gustave Courbet.

Photography and Painting are the most basic forms that are used by man. You can capture an image with photograph but can you do the same picture in painting?
First, some observations regarding craftsmanship. There is virtually no comparison between what constitutes the elements of craftsmanship between the two disciplines. Why compare painting and photograph? A journey through arts and justice between the Medias. Photographers and Painters respect each other and represent images through the imagination of the artist and they have history that is the most primitive form of art. Photography especially has been newcomer in the art department since cameras have appeared everywhere, phone, computer, tablet, TVs and music players.
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From the other hand it is discussed that photographs are much harder to capture and perceive a photographer’s style. Many people believe that photography could be done by anyone and that painting requires much more of you. Even though you always need talent to do anything artistic, photography requires more technical knowledge and passion. A photographer can capture a specific look, unlike painting that you have to use a photograph/picture to paint. According to Elizabeth Opalenik, a photographic artist and a Juror of an exhibition named the Human Form, for a specific subject like human body, explains the simplicity but at the same time complication of the body in art. Viewing the human body photographed in abstraction is an innately challenging experience. It is sensual and familiar, yet disconcerting and foreign. Also, she explains that the human form is beautiful, complex, and remarkable. Though the only media that can capture that texture and the sense of the skin, is

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