Public Schools: Difference Between Public And Private Schools

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Public and private Schools
Mohammad Alshaiji
Gulf University for Science and Technology

Private And Public schools
Public school learning has been facing problems since a long time till this day. Many people who want their kids to get more knowledge and experience get their kids to private schools. The difference between public and private schools is huge when they are compared. Therefor people who prefer their kids to be in a private school have to pay to make their kids gain the knowledge. Unless other people who have their kids in public schools is either the family income is low or they feel that public school offers a good amount of study for the young children. As Berliner and Biddle (1995) states that “Much
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Romano. "Competition between private and public schools, vouchers, and peer-group effects.” American Economic Review (1998): 33-62.‏There is a big difference between private and public schools when it comes to teachers, private schools provide teachers who carry out their work effectively and faithfully which, in turn, is a sign of love and desire to grant students the highest quality of education. On the other hand, public schools usually provide teachers with either low teaching ability or inexperience in handling and dealing with students. Private schools students have an advantage over public school students as they graduate at an early age with higher education and skills from having an intensive curriculum in a short amount of time compared to the public school’s longer relaxed curriculum. Private schools utilize the latest technology when teaching when compared to public schools. They can do so because they are more liberated financially than public schools, which have limited budgets provided by the Ministry of Education. A marked variation occurs when comparing between public schools and its private counterpart. This variation is applied on the private schools themselves, as they focus on the creative aspects, scientific research, imagination and self-reliance, personal and refine leadership and love for the school and the community as a whole. Public schools rely heavily on a conservative policy, focusing only on education, as they neglect developing the student as a person as do their private counterparts, at the same time private school teachers are more developed because they have the ability on using all the new teaching technologies. Education is so important because it builds every thing in each country such as health and in the way of making income and having
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