The Difference Between Travelling Alone And Travelling With Others

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COMPARE CONTRAST (3.Travelling alone and travelling with others )

Travelling to a new place is a wonderful experiences in our life. Travelling seems to be the best choice to relax after a hard-working day, tiring day or regular life. According to the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of the word “travel” is making a journey, typically of the same length. Besides that, travelling is a very pleasant and enjoyable thing. Some people like to travel with companions and other people would prefer to travel alone. Both travelling alone and travelling with others can increase their knowledge in life but differ in safety aspects and their present financial condition while travelling to other places.

Regardless of travelling along or travelling with others, the purpose is to relax and heal many of our mental problems after a long bored working life. No matter that travelling alone or with others, they can still learn a lot of things by travelling, in other words travel can widen one’s knowledge. They can still enjoy gaining the greatest academic and education values. In addition, travelling alone or with others usually make it point to try some special food in the country traveled, enjoy the nature view of its country, meet interesting people and experience different emotions. At the same time, it can enable us not only to accumulate our knowledge about history, culture, geography and local tradition but also to edify our mind and spirits perfectly.

The first difference between

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