The Differences And Uses Of Civilization In Modern Life

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Civilization is the way people improve upon their living by making tools and equipment that will make living simple and easy. Civilization in ancient time was very hard to come by. People trade with what they have for what they don’t have. Now the world has improved on the way of living. Things are now accessible and easy to come by. Transportation system: moving from one’s place to another is something very important in every individual’s life. The non-civilized world in the olden days moved to places by horseback, walk on foot, and other means of moving from one place to another without machines. People could walk more than 100 miles, days, months and years before getting to their destination. Whereas, in recent times, civilization in modern world has made movement easier. Moving from place to place can be done within few minutes or within a day. People travel by car, bus, train, ship, aero plane and traveling to the space has become very simple and easy. Civilization has changed the way of movement through transportation. Communication system; sending information is something important in one’s life. In previous times people use to communicate with each other through hooting, smoke, signs on caves, rocks and on trees. Instead, civilization in the modern world have make communication so easy that people could communicate through the internet, advertisement, cell phone, the radio, magazines and TV. All these serves as a source of information. People could communicate to

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