The Differences Between Policing And Law Enforcement

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In this paper, I would like to discuss the difference between Policing and Law enforcement as well as to explain what a law enforcement officer does? And what is the purpose of policing? Or how policing is fighting crime through the community service and problem-solving. While the Law enforcement was made to enforce laws, I will be discussing this more in the paper. Another thing I will be discussing in this paper is the cons and pros of The Law enforcement and Policing. Lastly, I will be explaining what are the good reasons for creating the law enforcement and policing. Law enforcement it is an effective way to maintain public order and focuses on requiring compliance with the community members. As for good policing by using physical force is last resort, to protect and serve the public, and providing services.

First, I would like to explain the differences between the concepts of policing and law enforcement and the pros and cons of each concept. The difference between policing and law enforcement is that policing main reason of being established was to enforce the laws, investigate crimes and apprehend offenders, help provide the community with enforcement related services. Policing also has the community help the police by participating in the process of reducing crime and improving the quality of life. While the law enforcement was created to have the unwavering appearance of procedures and rules. This means that law enforcement was made to enforce the laws and focused
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