The Differences Between Print Advertising And Digital Advertising

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Advertising simply relates to form of communication conveyed from companies to the audience as a way of persuasion to buy their products or services. This type of communication is usually relayed through mass media such as television or radio commercials and newspapers. As technologies are vast growing these days, advertising has moved beyond printed version such as the newspapers, flyers and brochures to the fast lane of the digital world. Social media such as Facebook and Instagram serves as a platform to small and large scale businesses in terms of advertising. There are many differences as well as similarities between print advertising and digital advertising in terms of demographic, speed and range, return of investment and types of advertisements.
Purpose of advertising is to put the product or the services out in the open for the public to know the availability of said goods or services. A good advertisement is something that catches the eye of the public. This type of advertisement stays at the back of our mind and gnaws our inner consciousness the entire day. It usually only stops when you have it in your hand. This is the key concept of advertisers. For example, driving down to work, one sees a big billboard advertising McDonald’s newest addition to their burger family with their legendary “I’m lovin’ it” printed in big and bold yellow letters. That image gets stuck at the back of one’s mind throughout the day while they work. Before they know it, they are parked

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