The Different Types And Disadvantages Of Oral Communication

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A1.Defination of communication
Communication is an ordinary function in our daily life. It can make contacts to explain the things. Communication is the transfer of information from one person to another person. it the way of reaching others by transmitting ideas facts thoughts feeling .communication make conversation in groups. This means it make contacts to explain things to exchange ideas to convey information to give instruction and to remove misunderstandings. symbolic process whereby reality is produced, maintained, repaired and transformed.
Diagram of communication 1. Message is the key idea that that the sender wants to communicate .it is elicits the responses of recipient, communication process begins with deciding about the message
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 There is no part of rigidity in oral communication. There is flexibility for letting changes in the decisions previously taken.
 The feedback is impulsive in case of oral communication. Thus, decisions can be made rapidly without any delay.
 Oral communication is not only time saving, however it also saves upon money and efforts.
 Oral communication is best in case of problem resolve. The conflicts, disputes and many issues/ differences can be place to an end by talking them over.
 Oral communication is a crucial for team work and group energy.
 Oral communication helps a receptive and encouraging morale between organizational employees.
 Oral communication can be best used to transfer private and personal information/matter.

Disadvantages of oral communication
 No record: In oral communication, messages are difficult to record. So it is impossible to preserve the message for future.
 Expensive: It is also expensive media of communication. Sometimes the audience can be managed by paying T. A and D. A. On the other hand Technological devices that are used in this system are
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