The Difficulties Of Love In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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The Difficulties of Love Consider for a moment just exactly what is love? Love is a feeling, a passion, an idea. And love is extremely complex, encompassing a nuance of emotions. Falling in love can be one of the most blissful things in life. Yet there a many tribulation that come with love. Such is the idea which Shakespeare explore in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The play presents many different types of love and the trials that each suffer. Love presents many obstacles which require sacrifice, and love can create pain and jealousy. Its passion can take hold of all reason. Ultimately, the play is not a celebration of love but rather represents the difficulties that come with such desire. The first difficulty of love is the obstacles which…show more content…
Cupid being “painted blind” (I,ii,235) may be taken to have two separate meanings. Of course, it is a metaphor saying that love is blind to reason, but it can also be taken literally. Cupids blindness could have been the reason that his error missed. In other words, loves passion was being thrown around carelessly. The flower which his arrow struck inevitable was the cause of all the chaos in this play. Had cupid not been blind, had love listened to reason, he may not have missed. The problems from love that were endured by our lovers would never have occurred. Here Shakespeare heads the message that a love which follows no reason is the route of loves problems. In conclusion, A Midsummer Night’s Dream tells the story of the difficulties of love. Love creates many issues in a lover’s life, many obstacles that can create pain and sacrifice. Yet, we don’t completely get to choose who we love or how we fall in love. Love is a powerful and complicated thing and is much beyond mortal control. Shakespeare warns of the jealousy that love can create, and the chaos of love without reason. However, despite these arduous difficulties, in the end true love always seems to
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