The Digital Age: Student Ethics In The Digital Age

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Student Ethics in the Digital Age: Rough Draft

As Academic dishonesty has always roamed in the high schools, it 's getting harder to stop with the technology. Students are becoming more and more dishonest with the use of cellphones in class. Students cheat on assignments and tests using cellphones because it’s easy. Technology has become a useful resource the public has to offer today. With the advancement in technology, it provides an easier way to assist students in several ways in both high school and college. In today 's society, almost every student has a cellphone. In the article by Steven Schlozman,”Cheating in the age of facebook” he writes,”Most teachers these days are still digital immigrants.” Schlozman is saying that teachers teaching in this new age are adept to the new technology that comes into the schools.Teachers do not understand when a student is cheating and when a student is not, they just have
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Students when getting caught cheating always have an excuse to why. In the article,“Cheating Perceptions and Prevalence Across Academic Settings” by Kelly Honz says,” Students often blame their cheating on teachers’ failure to explain cheating adequately.” Honz explains that students will make up anything than to say the truth. Honz also explains that students feel that the teacher doesn’t give them a good understanding towards the teachers ways in academic dishonesty. As cheating continues in U.S. Schools, the aftereffects are starting to greatly take on.
In Today’s age, The effects of cheating go further than a couple of assignments. In the article,”The Effects of Cheating in High School” by James Stevenson writes,” As students continue to cheat in school, there education greatly gets affected.” Stevenson explains that cheating doesn 't help you learn the material, which is crucial for for students to understand. The author implies that cheating helps nobody in the end. The effects on cheating take a turn towards other things in life besides
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