The Dirty Dozen Analysis

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The Dirty Dozen is a historical fiction film, released in 1967. It won an Oscar for Best Effects, Sound Effects. The film also received three Oscar nominations and one Golden Globe nomination. The Dirty Dozen was directed by Robert Aldrich. Robert Aldrich started his film career in 1941 as a production clerk at RKO pictures, he worked his way up and in the mid 1950’s created his own production company. His most renowned films are Kiss Me Deadly, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane, and The Longest Yard (1974). Among the stars in The Dirty Dozen were Lee Marvin and Ernest Borgnine. Lee Marvin was born February 19, 1924. He was named in honor of Robert E. Lee who was his first cousin, four times removed. At the age of 18 he left school and enlisted in the Marines during WWII. In battle Lee he was shot with a machine gun severing his sciatic nerve, he also was shot in the foot with a sniper. He was later given a medical discharge and later awarded the Purple Heart. He started his acting career in small plays, eventually making it to Broadway. He then moved to Hollywood, where he would start his career in films. He started with supporting roles, but made his way up to leading roles. His biggest movies were The Dirty Dozen, Cat Ballou, and The Man Who Shot Liberty. Throughout his career, he earned an Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his role in Cat Ballou, also winning a Golden Globe for Best Actor- Comedy or Musical. He married on two separate occasions and also had a
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