The Disadvantages And Challenges Of The English Language

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The English language has become an international and dominant language today. No doubt, it is spreading by leaps and bounds everywhere on the planet earth. As far as English language teaching and learning is concerned, it involves a number of limitations, obstacles and challenges for both the teachers and the learners. The delight of teaching and learning a language lies in the contentment of seeing themselves develop in linguistic proficiency and in fruitfully assembling their communication interests and needs. However, there are some problems which are very difficult and challenging for both of them to attain perfection in this language easily. Sometimes the teaching methods is wrong, sometimes the learners are not capable of learning and sometimes the English language itself discourages the new learners on account of its fundamental and illogical grammar rules, pronunciation variations, rich vocabulary and spelling methods. These shortcomings which are the major barriers against the success of teaching and learning are well described in this research paper. This research paper aims at investigating and identifying some common and major reasons behind the struggles faced by both the teachers and the learners from different viewpoints.
Keywords: Archaic Words, Conundrum, Homograph, Homonyms, Homophones etc.
To continue and accelerate the speedy growth of globalization a widespread language is utterly needed, today. Luckily English has got the

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