The Disadvantages And Cons And Disadvantages Of Solar Energy

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Solar electricity uses Photovoltaic (PV) modules to convert sunlight in to useable, storable, effective energy source. Photovoltaic is also known as the energy collector. The in which PV collector its energy is known as the photovoltaic effect. Alexander Edmund Becquerel describe the effect as the way PV cells create electricity through the energy residing in photons of light particular Sunlight. As the sun rays hit the PV module, the solar panel absorb some photons and the photons’ energy is transferred to an electron in the semiconductor material. With the energy from the photon, the electron can escape its usual position in the semiconductor atom to become part of the current in an electrical circuit.
These types of PV cells crystalline
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Thus having the effiecntly of and average of 14% to 16%/
• Lower space effienct- a larger space is required for coverage of the solar panel to create the same electrical output as that of mono solar panels.
• Less visually pleasing that monocryatlline and thin film solar panels.

Monocrystaline solar panels

• Highest efficiency rate due to the fact its mad e with high grade silicon with a conversion rate of 22.5% when converting sunlight into useable electricity.
• High space efficiency-as it has the highest energy output than any other solar panel out in the market
• Mon solar panels have a long lifespan of more than 25 years due to the durable material used to make it-Silicon
• Mon solar panels are more resilient to temperature co-efficient (the levels to which each solar panels production decrease as the temperature increases) than poly panels.
• Better performance in low light conditions as that of the polycrystalline solar cells.

• Most expensive type of solar panel
• The entire system can crash if panel are fully covered by snow or full shade.
• Ditty and polluted ambience can also destroy the

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