The Disadvantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media

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Many businesses are investigating how social media can help them promote their products and services to potential and existing customers. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have transformed the way some businesses think about advertising. Some businesses direct customers toward their social network pages more than they direct them to their own websites. There are certain advantages to market via social media, but there are also related drawbacks as well.
To understand better about the advantages of social media marketing, there are five main advantages to succeed in this field:
 Cost Related
 Social Interaction
 Interactivity
 Targeted Market
 Customer
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Results show that both employers and employees strongly believe that companies who embrace social media are more likely to have a competitive advantage over those who do not use social media at all.
Over 80 percent of employers agreed that social media tools can be used as an advantage to drive business prospects over those who do not. Likewise, over 90 percent of employees agreed to the fact that social media can be a plus.
The survey also showed that many companies are quite relaxed with their social media usage policy. A 65 percent majority of employers felt work productivity would not be affected as long as employees exercised self-discipline toward completing their work first.
Several different ways to use social media for business purposes were discussed and ranked as well. When asked employers what their company uses social media for, the biggest response, at 54 percent, was for improving organizational communication. This was closely followed by enhancing employer and for improving their recruitment
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Many companies use this form of marketing to supplement their online presence, typically a simple webpage or website. While this is a newer form of advertising with rising popularity in the recent years, it has a few negatives. However, organizations must protect their information as well as closely watch comments and concern on the social media they use to advertise their products. Prior to social media, it is sometimes hard for a customer to complain about a product in a public domain. Many times, a complaint would be spread by word of mouth, which could only reach a small group of people. On the other hand, with the advent of social media, anyone can post a negative comment on the wall or page of a large company's social media site. While many place controls on their pages to limit damaging posts, some companies do not. One way to combat this is to have a person monitor the site to delete or immediately respond to negative comments in a positive
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