The Disadvantages And Positive Impacts Of Social Media

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Social media is a place to meet a one person with another person use the internet media. Social media is an online medium with its user easily participating, sharing, and creating content including Blogs, Social Network, wikis, forum and virtual world. Blogs, Social Network, wikis are the most common form of social media used by people around the world. A lot of role of produced by social media especially about everyday life that is needed by most people.
The increasing the using of social media by all the is the impact of a lifestyle of modern society and its possible the increasing the user of social media and the production of electronic goods are increased of number of smartphone. Actually social media have a positive effect and important role in our life, but many people are using social media unwisely and even harming others such as bullying, data teft, etc.
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People’s using some social media for sharing every moment their have and also a lot people using social media for sharing about their experience some happiness and some tragedy. Any software of website are functioned for users to share moment and experience such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. And just not some moment and experience are shared in social media, but a a lot users using for business. We can using some social media for online marketer and share our marchendise to another people when using in social media.
Many social media users for a place to promotion. A lot of online businessmen are using a social media to promote a marchendise such as Lazada, Tokopedia, JD.ID, and many more. In social media we can also promote our merchandise. In social media the businessmen are sales their marchendise in socal media. A lot of consumer of online shopping are using some social media use some social media account for login to online shopping. With a good promotion, we can attract the attention of consumer, until their buy our

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