The Disadvantages Of Braille

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Abstract—Written language is undoubtedly our primary means of communication, along with speech. The wealth of human knowledge accumulated through the ages is preserved in books.
We are heavily reliant on written information for gaining and sharing knowledge. This has never been more so than after the birth of electronic media and the internet, as a result of which whole libraries can be accessed from just a smartphone having an internet connection. But, the visually impaired miss out on these great opportunities for learning. It can be seen that not enough work has been done to create a suitable interface for them to communicate with a computer, or smartphone, or any other electronic gadget that needs to be read from. The available products are not affordable and are quite inconvenient to use.
Our interface can be attached to any such device, enabling input and output in the form of Braille, which the person can read with his or her fingertip through vibrations. The implementation costs very less and adds very little to the size of the gadget, making it a viable option for any visually impaired person who can read
Index Terms—Braille, visually-impaired, tactile, assistive de- vice. I. I NTRODUCTION
Today’s world envisions more inclusion, whether social or educational, people with disabilities, aiming to build a society with full participation and equality. Whether dark or white, able or disabled, male or female, one is entitled to the Right to Education. This is
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