The Disadvantages Of Communication Technology

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It is almost 100 years since the telephone was invented and Tomas Watson made the first call across the east and west coast lines of America, this was considered a huge leap in communication technology. Prior to that, humans had no means of distant communication except through close physical contact. For long distance communication; the most efficient method was the use of messengers and later on the use of a postal service. Since then communication technology has advanced tremendously and it witnessed amazing developments, helped mainly by the development of computers and mobile cellular phones. These technologies converged to create the current vast communication means available all across the world. The advancements in communication technology today have also redefined the way to communicate and exchange information, so instead of the conventional one to one communication, now we are able to communicate to many people at once in means of written, voice or visual. You can use exchange systems on our computers to send an email to a hundred people and have it reach them in split seconds, so what used to take months to reach people in the past now takes seconds. The technologies, which supported the boom in communication, involve a number of…show more content…
For example the case where we heard of incidents over ten million credit card numbers were stolen by cyber pirates, forcing banks to spend millions to stop cards and issue new

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