The Disadvantages Of Cosmetic Surgery

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From a simple Breast Augmentation to transforming yourself into a human Barbie doll, many people use plastic surgery to change something about themselves. Whether that is a good or bad thing. In this essay, I will discuss the pressure that is put on certain people to get cosmetic surgery, as well as the positive and negative effects it may have on the person undergoing it and if it enhances their appearance. This essay will be concluded with my opinion on the topic.
Cosmetic surgery is a very popular and the fastest way to solve the physical problems that a person may have, this is why it is one of the highest paying surgical jobs in the world. Over 15 million cosmetic surgery procedures were done in the year 2011 with South Korea coming in
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Going under the knife and being put under aesthetics have the risk of the patient not waking up after the procedure. Another disadvantage is the procedure going wrong and that could lead to infections and the tissue will then be destroyed. Meaning the patient may not be ab;le to redo the procedure and will then be left with a deformed bpdy part as well as weak tissue in that area that they had operated on. Many surgeons specialize in fixing the surgical wrongs that were done and have a rehab period where the patient will have to wait for the tissue in that area to build up and be strong enough to go through the surgery again to fix the problem. The UK show “Last Chance Salon” shows people that have undergone cosmetic surgeries which have gone wrong and get it repaired by the surgeons on the show. A young woman named Charlotte had a breast reconstruction done without her mothers permission at the age of 19 and the surgeon used non-medical grade implants that were placed upside down. The doctors at the last chance salon then had to fix that for her. This leads to the next disadvantage of plastic surgery. It is very expensive to get done not including the hospital bills for staying there for a certain amount of time. We do not know if the surgery will go successfully and if it does not, you will have to pay to get it

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