The Disadvantages Of Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing

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In this age of instant (Internet) communication and social media, it is pretty obvious that digital marketing has an edge over traditional marketing. But, traditional marketing obviously has not become obsolete. Traditional marketing does have its place even now. With the current trends, it is incomprehensible to treat traditional marketing as anything but a supplement to online digital marketing. Any business, in fact – especially startups and new businesses – will find themselves missing out if they neglect the digital marketing avenue. However, if you need a little more persuasion, here is a list of advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing: 1) Small Businesses can Compete Much More Evenly with Their Bigger Competitors: The level playing field that digital marketing provides between businesses of all sizes and budgets, is one of the main reasons why digital marketing wins over traditional marketing. It doesn 't matter if you are a startup or a big conglomerate with departments ready to market for you. When it comes to Internet marketing, what a digital marketer needs to do is, understand the current digital marketing trends and form a marketing strategy based on those trends. Tech-savvy, SEO know-how, and knowledge about online trends and online audience behaviors are what will win the day in the virtual realm. (And then of course, being consistent and creating valuable content for the niche audience of the business.) 2) Vastly Reduced Marketing Costs:
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