The Disadvantages Of Education: Children And Family Moves

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Currently, in this mobile world, since families relocate several times, children need to transfer between schools. At the same time, another group of children transfer because their parents want to pursue better education for their children. Will transferring greatly affect children mentally? Can children appear successfully in different environments and social settings? According to the author, transferring can bring lots of disadvantages to children’s growth. In AACAP’s article “Children and Family Moves,” the anonymous author pointed out that transferring between schools can bring mental illness, interruption of friendships, and difficulties at school. However, I disagree with the author’s view of what transferring will bring to children. My personal experience strongly provides a counter example, which convinces me that transferring between schools can magnify the number of friends and exercise children’s ability to encounter challenges. Commonly, people including the author think transferring bring stress to children, which might lead to mental illness. Mostly, the resistance of transferring, inadaptability of new environments and stressful school works cause mental illness like depression. In the article, the author states that when transfer students encounter a different schedule and curriculum, they “may not talk about their distress, so parents should be aware of the warning signs of depression, including changes in appetite, social withdrawal, a drop in grades,
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