The Disadvantages Of Gadgets

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I. Introduction

In the generation today, everyone around you, especially teenagers, are using different kinds of smartphones, laptops, smart watches, and tablets. 83% of the human population are using or could be addicted to the modern technology we use. Gadgets are very easy to use and is very convenient to people. We use it to communicate with people, especially for those who are in abroad, we use it to express our feelings – hatred, pleasing acts, and many more, we use it to share our adventures and whereabouts, and we use it to entertain ourselves by playing online games.
Modern technology is equals to innovation. This is the common motto of humans, but majority of us do not know that using modern day technologies have multiple disadvantages. It may be helpful to us, but there are many negative effects
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Gadgets: Effects on Studies

Based from, “Less focus on class and homework is also a major effect brought by the smartphone.” Even though gadget is useful tool, students take advantages on its conveniences. Remember when a student keeps holding his book but behind it is his phone? And a student who keeps researching about an “assignment” but the truth is he was tweeting all the time? The problem is, when students particularly teenagers switches their phone or laptop to do their homework, their attention and focus are also switched. Overusing gadgets badly affects them because it causes them lack of sleep and focus. Their academic performance is also affected. They spend more time in surfing or gaming rather than studying for quarterly exams or quizzes. As a result, their grades went down. Then when it goes down, their future will be affected because of this. Instead of studying for exams, they spend their time reading electronic books which are not even related to the topic. Therefore, although the convenience of gadgets is beneficial to students, still too much is never good.

v. Gadgets: Affecting one’s
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