The Disadvantages Of Homeschool

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Over the last decade, the number one question parents ask is whether to send their children to public school or to educate them at home. From the variety of social clubs to auditioning for the school play, public school has been a movie image over the years that many children cannot wait to experience. Homeschool means to educate children at home, and while the idea sounds wonderful, the system has dire consequences. Although homeschooling has its few advantages, public school is the obvious choice because of the many benefits to children socially and academically. First, public school gives children the opportunity to interact with other students just by attending school every day. Karen Hylen is a therapist who assists homeschool students, and she points out that the absence of socialization that connects to homeschooling can cause students to feel…show more content…
Homeschoolers have a reputation to be anti-social; however, public schoolers shine in social settings because of their education in and out of the classroom. Moreover, public
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