The Disadvantages Of Homeschooling

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According to the oxford dictionary ‘Education’ is defined as: “The process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university”. 1 Undoubtedly, parents who educate their children at home believe that they could provide a better education for their children, as well as reduce the amount of time wasted at school. Some parents think that the values being taught at home are more helpful in the future rather than the ones taught in school. American Homeschool Statistics tell us that the American government states that there are 1.77 million students who are homeschooled in 2012, which is an 18% increase since 2007 2 . Personally, I believe that homeschooling your children is a good thing because you…show more content…
This is why we should consider all consequences. Homeschooling can be good because the parents can control the curriculum and the child can take their time in learning a subject. However, this could also have a negative affect as the child could be behind from the schools and could spend more time in a subject than another. A big advantage of homeschooling is demonstrating the fun in learning, creating strong bonds with their children, and teaching according to the best method of for the child. Since in schools the teaching can sometimes not suit the child and it can become very boring. On the other hand, there are also disadvantages. For example, the money spent in getting resources like books is a lot. The children could have a lack social interaction so the children won’t be able to meet different types of people or deal with the consequences in the wider world. Linked to this is that the child won’t be involved in any sport ,drama or music groups . lastly the parents may not have enough facts or the ability to educated their children to high standers which is absolutely needed to make the parents good homeschoolers. Therefore it is important for parents to know the disadvantages as well as the advantages of homeschooling for them to provide a valuable education for their children
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