The Disadvantages Of Online Learning Vs. Traditional Classroom Learning

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Shahid 1
Name: Muhammad Bilal Shahid
Instructor Name: Miss Rabia Nafees
Course Title: SS 100
Date: 26th October 2016
Online learning has several advantages over traditional classroom learning and must be embraced by universities as the way of the future
Just like any other topic that comes to mind both the ideas of online learning and traditional classroom learning have their pro and cons. At times neutral individuals might get attracted towards the idea of online learning whereas on another occasion they might be pulled towards the mode of traditional classroom learning because of the unique learning experience available in both the methods. Online learning is a method in which education is provided through the internet without the need to
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This is one main reason why it is regarded as a system for the future. This efficiency can be divided further into two types: cost efficiency and time saving. Online learning is really affordable in terms of cost as most of the courses online are free. In addition to that, cost is really minimized as there is no burden to pay college fees, dorm rents and other expenses related to college. For online learning there is just a need for a basic computer and an internet source. Similarly it is time saving as one can easily browse and look for the material that is required while sitting at their home. However the efficiency gets compromised as there is no real motivational help for students due to the minimal or at most occasions no interaction with the instructors. The point of no college fees can be challenged as well because a larger number of merit scholarships and other student funding programs have developed with time. Students might save time but for instructors this might not be the case. Teachers require a greater duration to organize and plan courses so they could benefit the student and are purposeful. In return the relational reward is not as satisfying when compared to a traditional classroom learning system because teachers are distanced by space and time…show more content…
Traditional classroom learning provides incentive for students and also keeps a check on student performances. One really important incentive for students is the acquisition of a degree after completion of the program. However online degrees are also available but they are not as highly valued by the employers as has been shown by research studies (Bejerano). Traditional classroom learning is well organized and structured. This means that there are fixed schedules and time periods which are exclusively reserved for learning (Paduraru). This presence of an organized structure develops a sense of obligation and responsibility among students. They learn the value of time and understand which task is to

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