The Disadvantages Of Overpopulation

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According to Jones, humans are 10,000 times more common than they should be (“Human Overpopulation”). In other words, visualize getting stuck the whole life in a room that’s capacity is fifty people instead there are one-hundred people. Undoubtedly, many individuals if not all people will get sick, and that’s because there wouldn’t be enough food for everybody. Secondly, people will die because there would not be enough air (oxygen) for them to breathe, which causes the spread of diseases. We should have more control over overpopulation since it causes the spread of diseases, starvation, and the utilization of agricultural space; on the other hand, some believe that overpopulation is an advantage. On one hand, overpopulation is becoming the world’s threat, which is causing many problems. One of the problems is the spread of diseases which later leads to deaths. According to Carol, because of overpopulation, there is more proximity between people, allowing diseases to spread faster and easier (“Population Growth and the Spread of diseases”). In other words, having more people equals having less space; keeping in mind that by having less space, it’s easier for germs and viruses to spread causing diseases. Unfortunately, people don’t even have to be in the same area to get sick. Moreover, just by having one person who is already sick emigrating to another country, diseases will spread from one place to another. That’s only one of the problems of overpopulation. Pursuing this

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