The Disadvantages Of Plastic Bags

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I. Introduction Plastic bags is created in 1965 when Swedish company Celloplast come up with the design of modern plastic bags based on a tube of plastic sealed at the bottom to allow for the packaging of food. The design of plastic bags is an open at the top to insert such goods into the bags and handles for convenient carrying. This plastic bag was made from high-density polyethylene. It’s also made from oil, a non- renewable resources. A plastic bags are also known as polybag are a type of container made of thin, flexible, plastic film, non-woven fabric, or plastic textile. Nowadays, many people using plastic bags in their daily activities. People use plastic bags when buying something in shopping complex or at another place. Plastic…show more content…
Why people still use plastic bags? Why people still use plastic bags? It’s the common question that always being asking to the consumer. Some of people thinking that plastic bags always have their own benefit rather than using green bags or paper bags. Using plastic bags around the world being a habit to people when go shopping or to buy something. Many question being asking why people still use plastic bags and what the advantages of using plastic bags. The advantages of using plastic bags are divided to two. First the advantages for people and the other one is for environment. What is the advantages of using plastic bags for people? Plastic bags are more durable than paper bags (Sandra Ketcham ND). Its mean plastic bags are easy to be using and to be carry. When in rushing time, plastic bags are quicker to open and packaging items rather than paper bags. Plastic bags are reusable for many purpose. It’s also can be used as a trashcan liners or to pack and store miscellaneous items. Using plastic bags also can saving money. It’s because when using plastic bags we can save money from buying a green bags. Besides that, plastic bags has last considerably longer. It’s also can be rinsed out and repurposed. When using plastic bags, we can bring more than 6 goods whether light or heavier in single trip when…show more content…
To overcome the use of plastic bags, a few alternative were choose that include the responsible of local authorities and consumers. Why local authorities would be responsible to this issue and what would they do? Local authorities has a power to ban the plastic bags in our country. They can do a campaign to ban a plastic bag. When do a campaign for example at school, they also can give the information about the disadvantages of using plastic bags or impact when using plastic bags. They also inform about the fees that can be included if consumer don’t support the campaign. According to Uta Mihm (2014), China is one example of country that ban plastic bags. When it happen, China saved the estimated about 1.6 million tones of oil in year 2008 The other solution is implied the charges to consumer. Consumer will being charged if they don’t bring their green bags or carrier bags when go to shopping. Many people will think this alternatives will be doing because local authorities cannot control all the shop. Public opinion about this solution are wrong. It’s because the charges will be conduct by the retailer. The retailer will charge the consumer more than the price of the carrier bags or green bags that consumer will

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