The Disadvantages Of Social Media

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Social Media is medium to socialize with each other and do online that allow people to interact without being limited space and time. Social media deleting human limits to socialize, limitations of space and time. With social media human possible to communicate with each other wherever and whenever they are, no matter how far apart they are, no matter day or night. Social media has a huge impact on our lives today. Someone who originally “small” could instantly be great with social media, otherwise the “big” in a second could be “small” in social media. If we can take advantage of social media, a lot of benefits we can, as a medium for marketing, trade, looking for connection, expanding the friendship. But if we are exploited by social media…show more content…
The level of understanding the language becomes impaired. If too much communicate in the virtual world then the knowledge of communication in real life as body language and tone will decrease. - Social networking will make children and young people are more selflessness or individual. They become aware of the environment around them because the most of time spent on internet. This can make young generation being less empathy in the real world. - Crime in social media known as cybercrime. Cybercrimes are extremely diverse like hacking, carding, cracking, and spamming. Print media is comprised of a sheet of paper with a number of words, images, or photos in full colour and white pages. The print media is a document for any other person is saying and footage of events captured by journalists and converted in the form of words, images, photos. Print media have the meaning of a medium that uses a base of paper to convey the messages. The main elements are the text and image. The print media can be created to help facilitators conduct interpersonal communication while training or group activities. The media can also be used as reference material (reading) or become instructional media. This media also become communicate attention and warnings as well as an issue campaign (posters) and become a medium of

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