Advantages Of Social Media Misusage

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Misusage of Social Media
Almost everyone has found the advantages of social media whether it is positive or negative. According to Michael Nuccitelli (2016), a licensed psychologist, “Cyberspace allows our dark fantasies to be fueled by the likeminded. Once validated, they are one step closer to becoming reality”. When one has his/her own desire that can be fueled by the others who have similar mind in cyberspace, then he/she will feel as it is a reality. The Merriam Webster Dictionary defined social media as a platform for people to communicate and interact with one another in the digital world. Facebook and Twitter, for instance, are used to connect with families and friends from around the world. YouTube, on the other hand, enables ones
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Some obvious evidence of irresponsible posts are the posts of politician that may contain propagandas or insinuation to other sides and viral hoaxes which can be extremely harmful. For example, Donald Trump, the president of United States of America, stated that “Global warming is based on faulty science and manipulated data” on his personal Twitter account. Another one of his tweets says, “Global warming was created by and for the Chinese”. Most would think that those are odd statements since globar warming is a common topic in the world. Blaming science and another country as the cause of global warming through social media is not a proper thing done by an influential politician like Donald Trump. Another example for irresponsible posts is a business to make fake news in internet containing hate speeches or flanders in it. This phenomenon can be also called as e-hate (CNN Indonesia, 2017). This group also uses memes to cause hatred and dispute among tribes, religion, race, and international groups (Okezone, 2017)). They make the fake news according to what buyer wants and get much money from this irresponsible
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