The Disadvantages Of Watching Television

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Introduction Hook In this progressive country the TV is part of our life so almost people like watching TV. However, some people watch TV all day. They do not control time for television. Especially, all most children usually seat in front of TV all day. Background Although the TV has a lot of programs for people all of ages, watching TV too much have many disadvantage. Specially, children who watch TV television too much will be influenced on both mental and physical. Nowadays, there are more and more researches have showed that watching TV too much cause to increase the risk of disease in children. For this reason, there are a lot of opinions about this issue. It is difficult for children to control their time. Some people suggest that children should watch TV as less as possible. Thesis statement This paper agrees that children should watch TV as less as possible. Although watching TV have benefits, parents should control children’s time of watching TV and help them have good ways to relax. Paragraph 1: - Topic sentence: Children are addicted to watching TV - Supporting sentences: Nowadays, the rates of children are addicted to watching TV is higher because TV…show more content…
Watching TV too much not only bad for physical but also psychological of children. Although watching TV also has many benefits: provide knowledge, news, entertainments, parent also pay attention to children’s habits. Sometimes children can watch TV to relax but in a reasonable time. The parents help them have good ways to relax instead of seating in front of TV. Explaining to the child understands the harmful effects of excessive television viewing gently and encouraging children play sports: swimming, soccer, badminton. On the other hand parents should help them create the relationships and a balance between studying and
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