Jd Sinclair Rhetorical Analysis

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“Broken things are beautiful”. “The Disappearance of J.D Sinclair” by Keith Russell is an excerpt about a young boy by the name of J.D who migrates from Abaco to New Providence. J.D has a close friend by the name of Val, they are both around the age of 12-13. They both attend school Val goes to a public-school whiles J.D goes to a private school. In his private school he deals with bullying and racism. J.D and Val decided that they were going to exchange gifts, giving each other things they needed without spending any money. J.D and Val takes part in the yearly ritual of the boys through Gibbs Corner by going to the movies in the evening and junkanoo in the morning. A lot of people was fully cut including Mr. Culmer. J.D is excited to experience…show more content…
This then turn into a habit that they start. “An’ stop by duh house dere, yuh know wha uh talkin ‘bout, an’ me two piece a 6 an’ 4. In the text J.D and Val are only in their early teens but they are being sent out to play numbers for Mother Grady. Gambling like any other habit is an easy habit to pick up but hard to put down. I have an aunt that started gambling to try make extra money to support her family, when I was younger it was a number man/woman that u would give the numbers to. My aunt who had all daughters would rotate who she would send to the number man/women and they picked up that habit. Up to this day they spend up to 10 dollars on numbers. Gambling is a big part of the 21st century, the number houses has double in size. We now have different number houses such as Chances, Island Luck, Paradise to name a few. There is a number house on every busy street, which makes its easier for people to…show more content…
For some it makes them strive for better in life because they know the struggle and don’t want that for themselves. In the text they were going through some hardship times “the boys came around to the window, on the side of the house, which was being held open by a long stick” The window being held up by sticks shows that it was broken, and they didn’t have sufficient funds to fix that broken window. “She said that he would be getting in the way if he took his usual place in the front room”, the house they lived in most likely didn’t have sufficient space for everyone to be able to sleep in a bed. That’s why J.D had to sleep in the front room. I have this friend that didn’t have the best growing up because it was so much of them that his mommy had to take care of with it only being her. He made it a priority to get good grades so that he would be able to get a scholarship to go to school cause his mother couldn’t afford it, now he’s in school studying to be a doctor. In the 21st century the young people are going to school whether its college or high school, and having part time jobs to help out their parents, and to be able to provide the small things that they might need if their parents cant afford it . Most people today have to work at least jobs to keep bills payed and have enough to try
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