Apostle Paul's Impact On Christianity

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The Disciple Paul-the transformed fanatic, enthused writer, astonishing educator, and persistent guide towards Christianity is the most astonishing figure in the Biblical history right after the Jesus Christ. This massive character treaded confidently onto the phase of the first-century world, particularly the Asian world and left a permanent mark of immense magnitude that can never be forgotten. Having an outstanding life and impressive ministry when bestowed with Discipleship by Holy Christ on the road to Damascus; in his own explanation he was "the chief of all sinners." Not a single individual in the biblical historical accounts, beside Christ Himself, had a more powerful impact on the world that was even previously unknown to Paul himself-the…show more content…
He was the one who built Churches even to the far off areas and not only established but also administered them with devotion and passion. His determination and tireless efforts took Christianity from Jerusalem to Syria, from Arab to Turkey, from Rome to Greece, and finally from Asia Minor to Palestine. His devotion and hard work towards spreading the teachings of God to all was his key to success. Ample of it must be enlightened as God’s supreme functioning through His chosen man. As Paul educated his devotees, God had assigned to each of His creature numerous favors and actions of reliance (Rom. 12:3-8;1 Cor. 12). Therefore, even if one remained devout to the Lord, there would be verdicts of divergent consequences in all ministries. The Discipleship of Apostle Paul was to establish the biblical doctrines that administered his ministry and pursued to spread over to the lives of ordinary humans with whatever favors and prayers God may had bestowed one. It is quite convincing that at the core of Paul’s approach was his unwavering obligation to establish and support local churches at far off lands and particularly in the Asian world. Jesus assured to construct the body of his church…show more content…
Having his origin from the Jewish clan of Benjamin, he himself described about his personality as a man who was Hebrew of Hebrews; in respect to the Law of Moses, a self-righteous Pharisee; as for passion, oppressing the Christian Church through threats and by force, as for legalistic justice, impeccable. (Philippians 3:4-6) Even after so many grudges for the Holy Christ and Christianity, he got converted as one of the highest and most profound Disciples of his time in spreading the words of Christ and serving Christianity after his miraculous meeting with Jesus on the road to Damascus in which he was granted evangelism by the Christ himself. While he was fighting against Christianity, Saul put all his efforts devotedly to attempt and halt the progression of Christianity. Undeniably, when Stephen (the first Christian martyr who has been documented in the New Testament) was persecuted, Saul was present there and his martyrdom inspired him so much that he himself became a
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