The Disciplinary Dilemma Of Tourism Studies

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SUMMARY : “ THE DISCIPLINARY DILEMMA OF TOURISM STUDIES” According to a 1997 article in the Echtner and Jamal, “ The Disciplinary Dilemma of Tourism Studies”, there are about of study of tourism include diverse range of disciplines. From the introduction, the author have cites many of author like Smith( 1989), Jafari and Ritchie (1981), Sheldon (1990) and Pearce (1993). The authors are described what is tourism all about and different perspective point of view about Tourism Industry. The definition of tourism may only focus on the tourism itself without combined with other approaches. Pearce argument about the area of tourism should more wide and choose from many of sources not stick only to one source. This article purposely to inspect on tourism studies and encourage enhance to improving this field. The author also believes the term of tourism studies is wider that existing term. Researcher makes an argument on this article to give the evidence of this research. Although the many journalist analysis about an issues and appropriate approach consideration on tourism studies, Jovicic ( 1988) make an appeal in enhance establishment of “tourismology” and disagree about only focused to one actual phenomena. Instead of that Jovicic mention about one of approach for evolution of tourism studies is assimilation theory of tourism that compounds all experiences. Plus, according to Jovicic the study of tourism must divide not only depend on entirely tourism industry, if not there

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