The Disciplined Mind Essay

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“Beauty is truth, truth beauty—that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.” This is the ending lines of John Keate 's “Ode on a Grecian Urn” and can also be found in Howard Gardners ' Book “The Disciplined Mind.” The simplicity of this line can be interwoven into the conceptual framework of Lewis-Clark State College which explains the mission of preparing an educator on the complexities of the educational system. The conceptual framework itself is a seemingly simplistic statement in itself and says “to prepare caring professionals who teach for understanding in communities of learning.” Throughout this paper I will show how Howard Gardners three concerns of truth, beauty, and morality can blend together with LCSC 's conceptual framework to prepare a…show more content…
Education is an issue that is often talked about. It is an issue that is highly debated about when trying to find the most effective way to teach. In Howard Gardners ' Book “The Disciplined Mind” he simplifies this issue by stating “...I believe that three very important concerns should animate education; these three concerns have names and histories that extend far back into the past. There is the realm of truth-and it 's underside, what is false of indeterminable. There is the realm of beauty- and its absence in experiences or objects that are ugly or kitchy. And there is the realm of morality-what we consider to be good, and what we consider to be evil” (Gardner, 16). The first portion of LCSC 's conceptual framework is to prepare caring professionals. This coincides with Gardners ' concern of being moral. To be a caring professional your goal for student will be to form relationships and provide a “...inclusive, safe, and supportive learning environment for all students” ( INSERT). The term professional also comes into play here as a true professional educator will have good intentions when teaching their students. They will be “...knowledgeable, dedicated to the profession, and reflective in their
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