The Discovery Of Penicillin: The True Story

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Did you know that penicillin was used in World War 2 to help reduce bacterial infections in soldiers’ wounds? The author states this in passage 3, The Discovery of Penicillin: The True Story. Penicillin was discovered and helped put into use by many scientists, multiple countries also helped too. To begin with, penicillin was discovered by accident. According to passage 1 Not-So-Dumb Luck, paragraphs 6 and 7 it says “Bacteriologist Alexander Fleming left for vacation one day in September of 1928, he left his laboratory a mess… When he came back he noticed that every dish had been covered in mold… a dish that caught Flemings eye contained… a rare spore called Penicillium notatum.” Fleming did not know that leaving his laboratory a mess he
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