The Disney Animated Film: Mulan

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The Disney animated movie (Mulan) is inspired by a medieval Chinese legend, which is about a young woman who joins the army to save her father 's life. The legend has countless variations, although the earliest is called "Mulan Shi" or "Mulan Poem", written between 386 AD and 533 AD. The Disney version differs from the myth, while not paying attention to the accuracies of the legend, they go in the direction of looking for self-worth, feminism, and romance. This creates many historical inaccuracies which makes the Asian culture interchangeable "others". Mulan is described as a three in one feature film: comedy, action movie, and musical. Narratives such as Mulan suggest that people of another race other than whites are less entitled to a life…show more content…
Non-white heroin 's tend to settle more often for modest aspirations where Mulan is an example of stereotyping against race and gender. When Disney animated films are in the works there is almost always a strong relationship between the father and daughter. A scene from the film when Mulan returns home her father tells her that she is the greatest gift and honor because she is his daughter (1:19:36). Cultural beauty is a standard of women in China which was stereotyped fair skin "Paler than the moon" (48:05). Mulan wipes off the pale makeup on her face representing that she does not want a part in the gender roles that are put on her by society. An example of the stereotyping is when the emperor of China asks Mulan to serve China alongside him, she respectively declines and responds by telling him she needs to do her traditional duties. (Ward). DreamWorks animation studio was influenced by Disney fairytales. Revisionist interpretations of female humanism tells the narrative of non-empowered girl power but a lesson in changing their authentic given fate. The story line shows how the woman embrace themselves and their femininity humanist where men are still dominating and earning more than the woman. Woman are there to be sexual…show more content…
This monumental animated film was a pivotal turning point in showing a woman 's femininity as well as strength. Mulan never sees herself fitting into the perfect woman ideology, she is determined to reach her goals that she set out to do. Shrek was produced by DreamWorks Animation in 2001, shows Fiona also not possessing the idea princess image as she searches for herself in a world in which she must hide her true identity from society. Mulan and Shrek animated films were from opposite animation studios and they both portray women not needing help from the masculine man and can still have a strong female

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