Sinamika Case Study

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Quite a long time ago, there were two couples has hitched, and they went to the city close Dublin from Manhattan without knowing to their families. After they got married, the couple searched for the Job in the city and they were carrying on with a cheerful existence with what they had and adoring one another unconditionally.

After two years, the delight again grew to their life by delivering an awesome baby girl named Sinamika. After the birth of sinamika, the delightful family was exceptionally glad and Sinamika was the main satisfaction for the couple. Hence, the couple 's took such a great amount of consideration of Sinamika. This made touchy to the couple as they get broke when sinamika feel wiped out or hurt herself.

Finally, the day
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The couple was standing in that park alone with no piece of information what to do next, their heart was loaded with apprehension, and eyes loaded with tears. With enormous dissatisfaction and misery, the couple left the spot, and they went to the police station to file a complaint.

Later that night, the park left alone with darkness except sinamika. She was concealing herself under a seat due to fear far away from the spot where she lost. She then walked around the park by calling out "Mama" with fear. She walked around the park with confusion. After walking a few distances, finally, she made her way out of the park.

When she left the park, she strolled towards the highway. Suddenly, she approached the other side, and she crossed the street without seeing the truck coming on the way.

This has been spotted by a street side poor man who moves his place as often as possible as he is Homeless. In the wake of seeing the kid crossing the street, suddenly, he ran out to save the child from the truck and he saved
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Sinamika was not ready to answer his inquiry as she could not get it. She was just saying, "Mama" all the time and crying with

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