Miracle: Movie Analysis

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The Disney movie, Miracle, is a popular sports movie that follows a fictional tale based off a true story of the 1980 Winter Olympics men’s hockey team. The movie’s lead character is Herb Brooks, the head coach and mastermind behind the entire event. Some pivotal characters include the important players named Jack O’Callahan, Rob McClanahan, Jim Craig, as well as many others. The movie begins at tryouts, where there are almost a hundred notable players that were invited to showcase their talents. Within the first day of tryouts, the team is officially announced by Brooks and the team begins to form into a close-knit family. The rest of the movie follows the transformation of a ragtag group of miscellaneous college hockey players and notorious…show more content…
Miracle has a similar occurrence, as Herb Brooks completely destroys the plans of what were thought to be the 1980 Olympic team and creates his own masterpiece. Certain players were favored when tryouts commenced, but were taken out of the ‘world’, killing off their dreams of being an Olympic athlete. This is not the only time Brooks completely remodels the team, it occurred again when the first rough roster is announced. Practices begin with an obvious tension between the players hailing from the University of Minnesota and Boston College. Boston had been robbed by the Minnesotans of their desired NCAA Men’s Hockey Championship title in 1979. During the first full day of practice, O’Callahan (Boston) and McClanahan (Minnesota) duked it out on ice on full display for the entire team and coaches. Brooks allowed the fight to ensue for a while, but eventually made the analogy of “two chimpanzees humping a football” to the two fighters (Miracle). This comment sobered the two up and they were able to agree to disagree. That was one of the most profound transformations. In the Mayan flood myth, the gods had created wooden people in the hopes of having company that would properly give thanks. Unfortunately, these people did not praise or acknowledge the presence of the gods. The gods were ashamed of the wooden people 's stupidity and sent a flood which carried the majority of the people away, turning them into monkeys (Crash Course). This ties into the movie as Brooks views the primal actions of the players as a good enough reason to possibly dismiss the players from the team. Along with the prevalence of the flood myths in the movie, the mythological idea of creation also plays an important

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