The Disney Princess Effect Analysis

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Stephanie Hanes wrote the article “The Disney Princess Effect” which was published by Christian Science Monitor on October 3, 2011. Hanes argues that Disney Princess images have a negative effect on the way young girls look at unrealistic women. The author wrote this article in response to Disney being at its peak of economic benefits, but the company is overlooking its effect on young girls. This article is divided into five sections. In the introduction, the author opens with Mary Finucane’s daughter’s behavior changed after discovering the Disney princesses. In the next section the author explains why all this matters, Hanes discovered in recent studies young girls are introduced to being “sexy” too young, instead of just enjoying life without being judged. In the third section Hanes describes the most popular television shows, internet sites, media images, and magazines have sexual content and woman’s body goals. In the fourth section Hanes purposes women’s body images as a marketing tool for advertising. The five section returns with Hanes stating, Finucane’s daughter has grown out of the Disney princess phase. In the concluding section the author explains the internet often leads girls to unwanted sexual content, and also allows teenage girls to believe it is…show more content…
You do not have to wear a dress, and have a perfect body to be a Princess. All girls are princesses in their own beautiful way. Disney should express different is beautiful. I believe when young girls watch a Disney Princess movie they compare their selves to them, and that should not be the case. Disney should not keep a certain label on the princesses. I imagine we are all waiting for the day there will be a full-figured princess, wearing a beautiful dress, we are all Princesses no matter the race, age, or weight. We should all feel like Princesses, owing to the fact that you are a
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