William Butler's Parable Of The Sower

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Parable of the Sower isn't the easiest book to read. Although it is composed clear and uncomplicated, the content can be hard to take that The world that it depicts is cruel and ugly. It means even the well-meaning must do ugly things to survive. This is science fiction only in the most technical sense. This novel is set in the near future is so frighteningly that it is difficult to read. The 18-year-old Lauren Olamina lives with her family in a walled-off middle class neighborhood outside LA, but she knows that their little island of relative safety will not last. Lauren is intent upon founding her own religion. Her ideas are represented by extracts from her poetry at the beginning of each chapter. As the story progresses,…show more content…
Butler also talks about problems that normally get swept under the rug as all the good guys hunker down and do the right thing. Butler's world is dangerous. Helping someone isn't necessarily a good idea, but sometimes you do it anyway and sometimes when you do it anyway, it backfires. Racism isn't something that only happens in obvious ways. Gender is an issue but doesn't completely control life. Simple political solutions fail messily when confronted with reality. Parable of the Sower contains a world that feels lived in, realistic, complex, and living. I didn't realize that I was missing in a huge fiction until I saw how much better the world could be. Since is no outbreak, no invasion, no war. Civilization collapses because it's rotten. Things get a little bit worse each day, people get a little more desperate, the first few breakdowns are fixed, and then it becomes harder and harder to fix everything. The first thing you notice about The Dispossessed is the setting. The quality of writing is wonderful. It is Set in a planetary system with 2 different competing societies, a conventional capitalistic society on one planet and an anarchist on its companion moon.

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