Character Analysis: The Divine Comedy

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Interviewer: Good afternoon, Mr Alighieri it is an honor to have you. Today I would like to ask you some questions about yourself and about one of your greatest works of literature; The Divine Comedy. Alighieri: Good afternoon, and thank you very much for having me. I will be more than happy to answer as many questions as I can. Interviewer: Ok then, let 's begin. What were you hoping to accomplish when you set out to write The Divine Comedy? Alighieri: Well you see at first it all started as me trying to become an amazing writer like Virgil, but then I came across a mid life crisis and it just went from there. Interviewer: A mid life crisis? Alighieri: Yes, but at the moment I do not want to get into too much detail. However I would like…show more content…
This would be Pope Boniface VIII, the most powerful pope till 1294. And I do find myself really disliking him, hence he is guilty of simony. He has been abusing his power in order to gain great amounts of funds for his campaign. And he has been doing this by promising guarantee entrance to Heaven to all who acquire his blessing (Burges 12). Interviewer: Now, moving on to you great work The Divine Comedy. Why are the punishments so grotesque and at times even inhuman? Alighieri: While some of this punishment can be grotesque or inhuman, you have to take into consideration that these people have committed grave sins. Therefore they most pay. Interviewer: If you excuse my interruption, not all have committed sins that would have them places in hell. Take Virgil, one of you greatest inspirations. Why have you decided to place him in hell, when he is the one you look up to? Or did you simply put him there in order to serve you as a…show more content…
Well, at least I am happy that the current Pope is nothing like the ones from my time. Does the current Pope hold as much power as the one from before? Interviewer: He does indeed hold power. However, some countries separate the power of the church and that of the government. Mr Alighieri, you mentioned that you offer two prayers a day to the Virgin Mary, why is that (Tortolani intro). Alighieri: In The Divine Comedy while my character is suffering from a mid life crisis, he embarks a great journey through hell and makes his way to heaven. However, he could have not accomplished this alone. It is thanks to the Virgin Mary which helps him obtain three guides (Tortolani 48). You see it is “the Virgin Mary who urged Saint Lucy who turn roused Beatrice. . .to descend. . .Invoking Virgil to act as Dante’s guide”(Tortolani 48). Interviewer: So this ties back to Virgil not being simply there because you wanted to, but rather out of the Virgin Mary help. Alighieri: Yes indeed, she is the main reason why my character is able to surpass this agonizing journey and find an answer to his mid life crisis. The answer being that, it is never too late to change. He can still change and avoid ending like his dear master Virgil. Since, he has seen the atrocities that await those who sin. He has more than enough motivation to turn into a better person and still has time to make amends before his time
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