The Divine Comedy: A Interview Questions: The Divine Comedy

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Interviewer: Good afternoon, Mr Alighieri it is an honor to have you. Today I would like to ask you some questions about yourself and about one of your greatest works of literature; The Divine Comedy. Alighieri: Good afternoon, and thank you very much for having me. I will be more than happy to answer as many questions as I can. Interviewer: Ok then, let 's begin. What were you hoping to accomplish when you set out to write The Divine Comedy? Alighieri: Well you see at first it all started as me trying to become an amazing writer like Virgil, but then I came across a mid life crisis and it just went from there. Interviewer: A mid life crisis? Alighieri: Yes, but at the moment I do not want to get into too much detail. However I would like to say that one of my main goals, as I found myself writing The Divine Comedy. Is that I wanted to “make people better by helping them to understand the true nature of the universe”(Burge 11). Interviewer: Why is it that you wanna show this to people? Alighieri: You see, during this time there has been a lot of corruption in the church. So basically, I wanted to help people see what happens to sinners. Interviewer: Why is it that you have such high standards for the Pope? Alighieri: For me the pope is an "essential part of God’s plan. But that is all the more reason to scrutinize the behavior of the individual popes and to speak when they transgress”(Burges 11). Hence they are the highest authority of the church they most act the way God

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