The Divine Comedy By Durante Degli Alighieri

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Durante degli Alighieri, also known as Dante was born on either May or June in 1265. Dante was a great Italian poet of the late middle ages. His most notable work is “The Divine Comedy”, which is considered the greatest literary work to ever be written in the world of literature. To write The Divine Comedy, he used some characters which he has read about and people from his life. Virgil who was his guide in Hell, is an ancient Roman poet who wrote “The Aeneid”. Having Virgil in the first part of The Divine Comedy: Inferno may mean that Dante had great respect for Virgil and his works and he may consider him in high regards. Also, Dante was a very knowledgeable man, he studied many things from Latin to philosophy and more. There’s also Beatrice who was the one who sent Virgil to him and she was also his guide in heaven. Beatrice was Dante’s first love, he wrote a number of poems about her, he fell in love with her at first sight or so he claims, he was only 9 then and she was said to be 8, she died at the young age of 24 and Dante also claimed that he only saw her twice in his life. Even though he had great feelings for her, he married another in an arranged marriage. Throughout the poem as well, Dante mentions a number of people who he knows personally or he read about in history like Ovid or mythology like Jason from Madea.
The Divine Comedy was written in the time that Dante was exiled. It is said that Dante may have written it in 1308 and finished it on 1321, a year
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