Stages Of Dante's Inferno

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Durante degli Alighieri, also known as Dante was born on either May or June in 1265. Dante was a great Italian poet of the late middle ages. His most notable work is “The Divine Comedy”, which is considered the greatest literary work to ever be written in the world of literature. To write The Divine Comedy, he used some characters which he has read about and people from his life. Virgil who was his guide in Hell, is an ancient Roman poet who wrote “The Aeneid”. Having Virgil in the first part of The Divine Comedy: Inferno may mean that Dante had great respect for Virgil and his works and he may consider him in high regards. Also, Dante was a very knowledgeable man, he studied many things from Latin to philosophy and more. There’s also Beatrice…show more content…
As Dante follows Virgil he hesitates till Virgil mentions that he sent by Beatrice, and here the great and legendary poem of Dante Alighieri begins. In Dante’s Inferno, the first part of The Divine Comedy, he wrote about nine stages of Hell. The stages are circles, so there are nine circles. The first circle is “Limbo”, it has the non-Christians and those who were unbaptized. It had a castle with seven gates, each gate represents a virtue in the Bible, “Chastity, Temperance, Charity, Diligence, Patience, Kindness and Humility”. In there Dante finds Homer, Julius Caesar, Cicero, Socrates, Hippocrates and Aristotle. They are not really punished, they simply live in The second circle is “Lust”, in it Virgil and Dante find people punished for the sin of Lust, their punishment is to be blown back and forth with strong wind permanently, without rest or peace. The strong wind could symbolize the eternal restlessness which an individual goes through when they are moved by desire for fleshly deeds. Also, there Dante sees a number of famous or infamous individuals from history and mythology like Cleopatra, Helen of Troy among other persons who committed adultery in their…show more content…
In this circle, those who were driven by wrath and bad temper are punished for their acts. Dante and Virgil were transported on a boat by a “ Phlegyas”. Virgil and Dante notice the angry fighting on the surface of the Styx (which is a river that separates the Earth and the underworld.) while the sullen or those with bad temper are drowning underwater. And yet again, we could see that each punishment reflects the type of sin that has made in their lives. In there, Dante passes by politicians from Florence who confiscated Dante’s possessions after he was exiled from Florence. The sixth circle of Hell is “Hersey”, which is a place reserved for those who have ideas that contradicts Christianity. Their punishment is to spend an eternity in a flaming tombs. And just like the other circles Dante sees some familiar faces or notable historical figures like Emperor Frederick the second and an ancient Greek philosopher called
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