The Divine Comedy: The Journey Of Human Soul To Inferno

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Dante was the most important poet of Italy.He was born in Florence.The Divine Comedy was written by Dante Aligheri between the date 1308-1320.The Divine Comedy is about the journey of human soul to Almighty.This masterpiece is comprised as 100 canto in three stage,inferno,purgatory,paradise.This masterpiece accepted as the messenger of the Renaissance.Dante died in Italy in 1321. In Divine Comedy,Dante is accompanied by the Virgil who symbolizes the wisdom of human from the gloomy forest whereby the falling rounds of the gutter of gehenna.Dante and Virgil appear on the coast of the mount of Limbo.At the pinnacle of limbo, where penitent sinfuls are purified of their sins.Virgil leaves having pioneered Dante so far as human information is able to the doorstep of heaven.Dante encountered by Beatrice objectifiying the information of sacred secrets absolved. Boccaccio was the enthusiast of Dante. He wrote the biography of Dante .He was influenced from Dante so much .Like Dante, he used legendary characters with detailed explanations,resemblances of topics.In Decameron,women must consume infinity abandoning with a paladin whose passion she refused on earth.Also ,in Decameron the punishment existed after death.In addıtıon there were many dıfferences between Decameron and Divine Comedy.Boccaccio wrote Decameron in order to entertain people but Dante wrote the Divine Comedy in order to educate in terms of morality.Decameron was the secular work,but
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