Reflection On The Naked Light Of The Divine Form

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Imagine a megawatt light bulb. Turn it on and you are blinded by its radiating brightness. Try covering it with a lampshade, but, then too, it is too bright. Another cover is still of no help. Keep on adding covers till the light is comfortable to the eye.. To see without pain one has to shade the source. It is the Naked Light of the Divine Form as it ‘IS’ that is blinding. It is blinding to the conditioned human vision. To see IT one needs the gift of the highest spiritual intelligence.

The divine vision is possible only to the eye of one who has reached that state of Knowing in which the Knower and the Known have become one. Not by the study of scriptures, nor by sacrifices, nor by ceremonial rites, nor by severe austerities can one attain
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One is ablaze, having become the light of a thousand suns. To say that one is amazed, is an understatement, when one considers the immensity of the vision of the Order in the Chaos. The human mind can see the Order only in fragmented parts and not the whole. Similar to the blind men who were presented an elephant for examination. Each one described very accurately only the part presented to him. So it is with us. We can describe only that limited aspect that we are able to experience. When, however, the whole is “visible” there is wonder and amazement. It becomes beyond human comprehension. “ When rain falls, it is possible to collect the drops (in a vessel) as they fall but once they are on the ground all is water and there is no such thing as drops” (Experience of Immortality by Ramesh Balasekar Publisher Cetana Pty Ltd.) Similarly we can understand the many aspects of the Order while in a state of chaos but when we become the Order there is no such thing as…show more content…
Tranquility can be attained by devotion without intent. There are four types of devotion. One would be, that which is offered while in distress, the second is by the seeker of knowledge the third is by the seeker of wealth and finally that which is offered by the man of wisdom which is the silent communion with the One. Of these the last, whose devotion is single minded and in constant union with the Divine is the best. This calls for courage to be able to desist from even aspiring to liberation.

Bhakthi Yoga or Devotion demands a total and unconditional surrender to the deity of one’s choice. It is a form of meditation in which one is totally present in the awareness of the object of one’s worship. Nothing restricts one. There is stillness of body and mind. One looks but does not see through one’s eyes, One hears but not through one’s ears. One is in deep contemplative communion. This contemplative communion with the object of worship is the beginning of the process of transformation. To enter into this state calls for immense courage. One has to be born again into a world of inner wisdom or a new birth. In it old habits, old longings, past desires and the need to experience the pleasures of life and even the need to be enlightened have to be extinguished and not

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