The Doctor In Doctor Who Analysis

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Who is 'The Doctor' in Doctor Who? Television (TV) has a serious role in people's life nowadays because it tries to make their life easier and more informed about the world. There are lots of channels and serials on TV's, and all of them have a different kind of plot.British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has one of the oldest TV series in the world.According to Guinness World Records, ''Doctor Who'' is the longest running science fiction show in the world.In this show, the protagonist ''The Doctor'' always tries to save the world and other planets.The doctor seems to be a good character and struggles to help people as a hero; however, he has many secrets and tells lies frequently.He is a different type of hero. We do not know much about the doctor past.The certain things that we know about him are these: his planet name is Gallifrey; he is a time lord and owns a time machine called TARDIS; he has developed alien brain and the doctor has a two hearts; he can regenerate thirteen times.He carries a sonic screwdriver and psychic paper for investigating the unusual events.Also, he likes companions and travels with them through time.The doctor has many enemies…show more content…
[...] In either case, an invitation is issued: “Come and follow me”. Come away from fam­ily, friends, and embark on a journey. [...] '' (Peters 500) Eleven and Twelve Doctor's companions Clara was a complete mystery.She appears in Victorian age as a barmaid and governess, In the far smart girl 'Oswin Oswald' trapped in Dalek Asylum Planet and the present school teacher Clara.They look the same because she helps the doctor over hundreds of years.Clara nickname was the 'Impossible Girl'.Doctor notice that situation but he did not tell the truth Clara he kept as a secret. Eventually, Clara discovers herself the truth and she made peace with the
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