Analysis Of The Doctor Who Episode: Vincent And The Doctor

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The Doctor Who episode, “Vincent and the Doctor,” draws immense emotions that allow viewers to emotionally connect with the main characters through their adventures. Not only does this Sci-Fi episode connect with viewers’ emotions, but it also keeps the viewers guessing on how the Doctor will ultimately affect Vincent Van Gogh’s life. “Vincent and the Doctor” was an amazing episode with a minor problem with the ending. Although the ending was not the best, the episode made up for it with the memorable emotional effects and spectacular special effects. When the Doctor and Amy go to Musée d 'Orsay in Paris and spot a mysterious monster in the windows of one of Van Gogh’s paintings, they decide to travel back in time to figure out what it is.…show more content…
While Amy, the Doctor, and Vincent were about to part ways, Amy and the Doctor decided to bring Vincent to the future to show him that his artwork was meaningful and to ultimately change his fate. This was one of the most memorable scenes throughout the episode because the emotions that Vincent expressed portrayed immense gratitude that affected the viewers by sympathizing with Vincent’s joy of his new-found worth. Vincent was amazed once he saw that he was in a museum filled with his artwork. When the Doctor asked Dr. Black “…where do you think Van Gogh ranks in the history of art?” (“Vincent and the Doctor”) Vincent was brought to tears by his response and could not believe that he made that much of an impact on the art world or be that memorable of an artist. Rick Marshall from MTV News stated, “Faced with Van Gogh 's lack of confidence in his own work, The Doctor and Amy take him to the 2010, and show him how highly his work is praised in the years to come. Van Gogh breaks down in tears, overcome by the realization that his life 's work will indeed be recognized and appreciated.” (Marshall) The tears he shed represented acceptance, a feeling that was never shown towards him or his artwork throughout his lifetime. These tears represented the emotions of a man who was rejected and ashamed but was given a new hope and a new-found purpose. Stephen Moffat did extraordinary by depicting the change of true emotions of someone who felt alone and depressed to someone who was empowered and moved to tears of joy over his artwork; however, this doesn’t have a life changing effect on him in the end. Although Steven Moffat did amazing on the production of this scene, he did an insufficient job on the ending of the episode with the
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