The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time Summary

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Make a short summary of the novel that will remind the others of the story The curious incident of the dog in the night-time is a book about a boy named Christopher. One night he finds his neighbour's dog dead, with a pitchfork in it. In my opinion this is where I instantly got interested in the book. But yea Christopher gets curious about it and gets caught standing next to the dead dog with the pitchfork inside it therefor becoming a suspected dog killer. He decides to write a book In which he tries to find out who committed this horrible crime. Like in a murder, detective novel. You quickly find out Christopher has a disorder also known as Asperger's which is unspecified in the book, but luckily Marie told us . I would've never figured…show more content…
Christopher tells his mother that his father said she was dead, and she's horrfied to know this. Christopher's father tries to find him and succeeds but his mother demands that he leaves, and insist that Christopher should stay and live with her and Mr shears. But Christopher is scared of Mr shears and is really eager to go back to school home and do that important exam that would help tremendously with getting him into university. After about a week passes he and his mother decides to go back home, and of course in time for Christopher's exam. Even though he hasn't been eating or sleeping for a few days on end he still decides to do it. His mom gets a bad apartment and a job which Christopher despises. Christopher's dad tries to buy his trust back by buying Christopher a golden retriever (which is my favourite dog species). And Christopher starts spending some time at dads house again. After some time Christopher receives his exam results and it turns out he got an A (the best result you can get) which goes to shows that only because you have some sort of disability nothing should stop you from
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