The Dog-Personal Narrative

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looked at the dog and backed off quickly. They all laughed and went back to the couch. The dog sat down for a second and then stood up and walked over to me. I was lying on the ground and he went right in my face and started to sniff me as if I was food or something. I stood up and leaped him right in the face so he would back off. He jumped back the second I did so and got into a defensive stance in which his back legs were fully extended, but he put his chest and front legs close to the floor. I stood up ready to pounce on him if he were to bother me again, but he just barked and started to run. Ha i laughed to myself what a punk he is. I heard his dumb paws hit the floor repeatedly until I could barely hear it and the noise started to get…show more content…
He looked at me with his eyes wide open, ready to play, but I just kept my cool and backed away from him. I went from the couch, away from hi to just spectate his actions. Before I even walked all the way to the couch, I saw the family jump up and they walked out the door quickly. I thought that they were going to leave me with this dog and go do something. Instead they came back only after a couple minutes holding a toy that looked like a rag. I stood back and observed the give the toy to the dog and the dog picked it up with his mouth. He started to bite it and flail it around his head, which made him look really dumb. Out of nowhere a loud squeak came from the toy. The dog bit down on the rag again and it gave out another squeak. I assumed there was a squeaking mechanism inside of the toy. The dog started to repeatedly do it over and over again, which almost made my ears ring, it was so loud. I walked further away almost out of the room so that I could still observe him but the noise would be so intense. By the time I got to the border of the room, I turned around and the dad was sitting on the floor laughing
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