The Doll's House By Katherine Mansfield Analysis

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In Katherine Mansfield’s “The Doll’s House” there is a much bigger story then what is being told. There is a lesson that can be learned by reading this story. Being prejudice isn’t always about people who are different colors or of different races, it can also be about people who are rich and people who are poor. People who have more money can be negative towards people who are not as well off, and people who have finer things and more money can have a negative personality, also Kezia appears to be a young girl with a still pure soul. In “The Doll’s House” the Burnell family appears to be a family who is well off financially. They have a decent amount of money and are able to have some of the finer things in life. An example of this is the…show more content…
She does not understand why the Kelvey’s are always being excluded and she makes the attempt to allow them to be included. Kezia asks her mother “can’t I ask the Kelvey’s just once?”. Her mother dismisses Kezia without explaining and just expects Kezia to understand why the Kelveys are not included. At the end of the story Kezia knows that no one is looking so she invites the Kelveys inside to look at the doll house. Even knowing how her family feels about the Kelveys Kezia still takes the chance of inviting them inside. The small lamp inside of the doll house is a symbol of how even though things can be bad there is always a light. The lamp stands for hope and enlightenment. “The doll’s house” is a story about how even though a person can have a lot of money and nice things that person can still be very ugly and unkind on the inside. Wealthy people can tend to have a negative outlook on people who are not as wealthy as they are and can be nasty towards them and about them or they can even exclude them. Kezia shows that this behavior shown by the older people in the story is a trait that is learned and she stands for the good people in the world. Kezia symbolizes hope for the
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