The Door Miroslav Holub Analysis

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What is your vision of life? What did the opportunities in life mean to you, and how will you approach to them? The Czech poet Miroslav Holub was a well-educated person and active scientist who used to exploit his spare time on developing itself and writing poetry in hope to have an impact on people in who will read it. During the Communist years he was restricted by politics, he was an advocate for poetry who wrote with knowledge, and who claimed that poetry and science have many things in common. Furthermore, he has claimed that person should work on small things to develop, be aware of life facts, and repeat good things and after verify the same. (Wilde-Menozzi) Therefore, his life motto has created the poem “The Door” where he has described to people why change in life is good, why should not be afraid of it, the way people should look on their purpose in life, how should they approach, and his desire to embolden the readers to persevere in their objectives.
The main subject and symbol of this poem the door can represents two things, a barrier in life that is trying to protect people from being disappointed but at the same time by opening the door a person can make the world a better place for himself and
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With sentence "If there’s a fog it will clear" he supports his opinion and tries to explain how each start is difficult and how it is important to persevere in what you are doing. If you encounter difficulties it is perfectly normal, it happens to everybody, and after you give your best you will find a path to your goal. There is no space in your life to give up on your dreams just because you didn’t succeed on your first
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