Aztec Empire Thesis

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The Aztec Empire lasted from the year 1345 to the year 1521. During these years, the Aztec Empire was able to flourish all throughout central Mexico. Their capital was established on Teotihuacan, on top of a lake. The Aztec Empire alone was 117,501 miles squared long. The citizens of the Aztec Empire were feared all over Mexico. The tribes that lived closest to them mostly feared them because of their high thirst for human blood. As we have been able to learn more about the Aztecs, we have been able to learn and see how they were terrible and magnificent people at the same time. The Aztec are mostly known for being murderers to other humans, their treatment of women, and their double standard of gender. If you are able to look past these horrible …show more content…

For living in a time period where there was not a lot of technological advances that would help them build what they wanted at a faster pace, they had to learn to work with what they had. They also had to learn how to work with materials to be able to make the magnificent and amazing temples, that they are known for. “ The general temple-pyramid consisted of a platform, a long, broad, steep double staircase going up the center, with balustrades going up the sides of the steps. The Aztecs used sculpted stone blocks and skulls to decorate the platform and the ends of the balustrades” (General Construction of Pyramid-Temples). The Aztecs used and made platforms and tools that would help them make their temples better and better each time. Even if the Mayans also made temples, it was more extraordinary to see how the Aztecs had absolutely nothing but were able to work with what they had. At the same time, the Aztec had an advanced system for writing and keeping records. The Aztecs used hieroglyphics just like Egyptians, but there 's were a little different. Aztecs writing, “...had three primary functions, namely to mark calendrical dates, to record accounting mathematical calculations, and to write names of people and places”(Lawrence Lo, 2012). This was different than everybody else 's writing because they didn 't have an actual alphabet. They mostly relied on pictures of animals and tools to be able to keep information that would help them in future projects. Along with this, the Aztecs had very good hygiene compared to other people of its time and the conditions that they were in. “The conquistador Andres de Tapia reported, in a tone of wonder, that Montezuma bathed twice a day”(Ashenburg, 2013).

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