The Downfall Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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What really makes someone seem conceited and arrogant? Maybe it’s when someone does something admirable and they have to mention there name to let everyone know who they are? Or when that person is challenged by others and can’t resist a chance to make himself stand out? Or is it when a certain someone tries to fight all the men of a town all by himself? Well, a godlike man by the name Odysseus proves himself to be conceited and arrogant through all of those scenarios. While on his journey home Odysseus sailed his ship to the “place where many sheep and goats were penned at night.”(Pg. 429) This is the island that the Polyphemus the cyclops lives on. Odysseus and some of his crew went to talk to the cyclops but the one eyed giant had other things in mind. He trapped them in his cave and ate two of odysseus 's men. He then drank a great quantity of wine. Shortly after the Cyclops was drunk and had fallen asleep. Odysseus of course had a plan and burned the cycloses eye with hot stake that had blinded the cyclops. The next morning when Polyphemus was letting his sheep out Odysseus and the rest of his crew he had escaped the blind giant’s home. When the godlike man got back to his ship and started to sail away he called back to the cyclops and told him “Cyclops, if anyone, any…show more content…
Throughout The Odyssey, Odysseus conveys his arrogance and conceitedness in many ways. The godlike man can’t help but let Polyphemus know who he is. When he was at Phaeacia he showed up the young heros. And when he got home he killed all the suitors with his son. All of these things secure the Son of Laertes in the line of Zeus with glory and honor. Without Odysseus’ arrogance and conceitedness he wouldn’t be at glorious and honored as he is. Glory is attained by victory in battles, and honor is attained by one 's behavior. Son of Laertes in the line of Zeus In The Odyssey one theme is Honor and Glory, so without odysseus and his characteristics those expressions wouldn’t have as much
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